Monday, December 11, 2006

Job Hunting

As I mentioned previously, I've been hunting for a job for a little while now.

Both of the companies that I sent a CV out to directly did not even have the decency to reply back to me, so I decided to use a recruitment specialist.

If you are looking for a programming career in Cambridgeshire I would recommend ecm selection as they did a wonderful job advising me on my CV and helping me to get the job that I really wanted.

CV Writing

Writing a good CV is one of the hardest things that you'll do.

You have to make yourself sound amazing, but not arrogant.
Technologically skilled, but people friendly.
A team player, but self motivated.
And you have to do all of this - including education and work history, contact details and personal interests - on a maximum of two pages!

After months of job hunting, I've found out several valuable lessons:
If you are applying to a small company, make sure you have all of the skills that they list. This is because smaller companies tend to employ people for specific roles that need a specific skill set. As the company is small, there normally aren't other roles available.

Larger companies, on the other hand, may look more at someone's education and schooling rather than the programming languages that they are fluent in. This is because larger companies tend to have a higher diversity (they are involved in more varied projects).