Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clustering keywords for meaning

After a couple of occasions when Google has totally let me down, I've been thinking about the problem of improving search engines. And particularly about the problem of meaning in a search time.

For example, when you Google the term Ultralight you are presented with, amongst others, ultralight outdoor gear and ultralight aircraft as Google has no idea which you are interested in.

Flickr gets around this problem by clustering results together - compare their ultralight cluster.

Perhaps this is more of a problem with using short, relatively meaning less search terms, something we've been conditioned to do because search engines just don't understand natural language. Yet.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pair programming with Google Wave??

Google Wave was announced the other week and seems to be making ripples (excuse the pun) amongst technology bloggers. I recommend readers who know nothing about it to watch the video as I'm only going to talk about one aspect:

Pair programming with a Wave Extension

Wave is all about collaboration. Collaboration and extension.

And it won't be long before extensions exist to compile your favourite language. Then, its real power will be presented to developers.

Imagine coding in C++, pair programming with a legend like Herb Sutter or Scott Meyers?

(I'm sure that all they'd require is a convenient way of charging ;)