Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mobile broadband

I want a fully blown, always on, pay-per-month, unlimited usage mobile broadband.

I want a device, much like a mobile phone, that acts as a mobile broadband server and a mobile wifi router.

I want to sit in my car with this mobile device in my pocket and for my internet car-radio to serve music through it. I want to listen again to Zane Lowe on my way to work in the morning.

I want my in-car GPRS system to auto-detect the mobile internet server and to tell the world that I'm not moving very quickly, that I'm stuck in traffic. Or to divert me off the M25 when the GPRS' traffic information server tells me that there are plenty of others parked up on it.

I want to sit in the park, open my laptop and instantly be able to access the internet through this device.

And I want this for £15 a month without the worry of data limits.

Is all this too much to ask?

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