Sunday, June 01, 2008


May I just tip my hat to the work of Andy Budd on the Operation South America website, he's come up with a great design and made some fantastic use of flash.


Richard Dare said...

Thats a good looking site with some great photography. What do you think about flash and search engine optimisation? I like the possibilities offered by flash, but it means that any text a flash site contains will be inaccessible to search engines which is a shame for a site as worthy as this one.

I wonder if it would ever be possible to add a feature to flash where you could tag text as "searchable" or something, then have that text accessible to a search engine via a standard interface, or even as a standardised representation in the .swf binary image (or something like that)

Ian Hickman said...

Flash can pose a real problem to search engine optimisers. Many sites get around the problem by using sections of flash with real text, although I don't think OSA will ever be one of those sites.

You can still put the meta description and keywords tags in the head section, and that'll give Google et al some idea.