Sunday, January 25, 2009

Web Development Supported by C++

I've just been working on an update for the Spring of Hope website. They are a charity that work with disabled children in Uganda, Africa.

I'd originally written the website in vanilla HTML and simply uploaded it, but I had to rethink my strategy after the charity's owner wanted to add a few pages to the site.

Simply adding a few new pages would have meant changing every existing page to link with the new pages - something that I didn't want to keep having to do. Instead I've written a small C++ application that loads the basic text required on each page, applies a standard header and footer to it, builds a menu, and outputs the HTML page.

A couple of hours work to make future updates simple.


Jason said...

And, exactly what stopped you from using PHP? It would've taken only minutes to do the same thing.

Fleejay said...

That's a very good point and I would have used php if I'd had the opportunity but unfortunately my current host only supports HTML pages.