Monday, May 04, 2009

Multi-threaded JavaScript Makes Stream Processing a Reality

The future is finally here:

Multi-threading in a JavaScript app.


Do you realise what this means? It means websites could use a form of stream computing to get your computer to do stuff without you even knowing.

It means that a website sending out processing requests to every browser that hits it - without said browser becoming unresponsive - is now a reality.

And as JavaScript engines become more efficient, this will be even more of an option.

The web-based super computer is amongst us, if a site where users tend to stick around for a while, such as Facebook or Myspace, wants it to be.

Let me just explain that last point - Facebook et al (or, indeed any web site) could send packets of data to your machine for it to process in the JavaScript enabled web page without you even knowing it. The answer to the processor-intensive question would then be sent back, and the web site gets its result.

It could even sell this processing power!

Is it legal, I think so.

Is it ethical, well, that's for another debate.

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