Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Afternoons Spent Updating Adobe

I currently have a narrowband connection, so downloading updates for the software that I use is a big deal. A very big deal.

Yesterday, I finally got around to downloading Adobe Reader 7.0 as I tried to view a pdf file that needed it. After a 20 Meg download (which took most of the day) I shut my computer down for the evening and thought nothing more of it.

Today I fired everything back up again and there was the Adobe Reader link on my desktop which I swiftly deleted. Something must have auto booted as it told me that Adobe Reader would now download The Updater, another 20-odd Meg file.

The Updater decided to put the link to Reader back on my desktop.

Question: Why would I need a link on my desktop?
Answer: To open Adobe Reader quickly.

Question: But why would I ever need to open Adobe Reader quickly? It's not like using Word where I open it to start writing. It’s a viewer that only views a certain, rarely used type of file. So whenever I want to view a pdf file, I go find it and then double click on that file!
Answer: Erm...

Anyway, The Updater downloaded 3 updates and then made me restart my machine 4 times! Why not just wait until the end to do the restart – the updater knew it had more to install?!

Sorry Adobe, but this just isn't up to your usual high standards.

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