Monday, October 30, 2006

Search Engine Optimisation

After Googling my own name several days ago – and being disappointed with the results – I started to look into search engine optimisation, or SEO.

Before I go into how SEO works, let me say that I’m referring to optimisation for Google as that is responsible for something like 80% of all the searching that goes on net-wide but the techniques would also be valuable for the other search engines.

It seems that there are two “ways” to do Search Engine Optimisation, the nice, pleasant, kitten-friendly way: white hat SEO. And the dirty, spammy, fly-postering way: black hat SEO.

White hat SEO involves trying to get your site linked to by pages with a high Page Rank. This might be through paying them to link to your site, some kind of link exchange, or just asking them very politely.

Black hat wearers would use underhand techniques such as writing software or scripts to spam blogs, bulletin boards and forums with links to their site. And although each link would have a low Page Rank, the fact that there are hundreds of them would provide their page with a high ranking.

Both hat wearers make sure that key words appear in page titles and headings, and are also dotted throughout page text. Having a domain name containing the keyword is also a big bonus.


master said...

i believe that either way you follow - white or black, you still end up as a competitent SEO the way you choose to promote your business or website.

both also involves a great deal of worksmanship and art of SEO and i'm happy to say that i follow the hard way of doing SEO/SEM because the fruits of a tree is sweeter when they are picked ripe from where they bear.

i'm not saying black hat ways are bad or something not to be followed but my point is if ever i go by the books the SEO way, i'd prove to be one of the best,my way.

what's your preference?


Fleejay said...

I don't know enough about the dark art of black hat SEO to even consider doing it. So I'm a white hatter.

The way I've got the ranking of this blog up is by subscribing to blog directories and placing comments on the blogs of others.

So far I've gone from page 15 of the Google rankings (~145th) to 7th on the 1st page, but I think there is still more to do.