Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We can do anything!

When I was at Blitz Games, I used to tell the designers and artists that the programmers could do anything that they wanted us to. It was a slight exaggeration but I always had the attitude of "It's possible until we've proven otherwise"

On a similar note I stumbled across this excellent, albeit a little verbose, article stating that any question can be answered.

The defining paragraph says:

"... we see that no real question is in principle - i.e. logically - unanswerable. For the logical impossibility of solving a problem is equivalent to the impossibility of describing a method of finding its solution and this, as we have stated, is equivalent to the impossibility of indicating the meaning of the problem. Thus a question which is unanswerable in principle can have no meaning; it can be no question at all: it is nothing but a nonsensical series of words with a question mark after them. As it is logically impossible to give an answer where there is no question, this cannot be a cause of wonder, dissatisfaction, or despair."

So, it seems we really can do anything!

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